2015/2018:  EXPRESS – Experimenting on Presuppositions, Principal Investigator: Filippo Domaneschi – Project financed by the “Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research” within the program SIR – Scientific Independence of Young Researchers. Total financing : 350.537 Euros.

2015/2018: Director of the Laboratory of Psychology of Language – DISFOR – University of Genoa.

2014/2016: BiasQ: Bias in Polar Questions, Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Bettina Braun, Prof. Dr. Maribel Romero (Universität Konstanz).

2013: Ph.D in Philosophy of Language. Field: Experimental Pragmatics. University of Genoa (Italy).

2015: Certainty and Uncertainty in Biomedical Scientific Communication, – PRIN – Progetto di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale, PI: Prof.ssa Claudia Caffi (University of Genoa).

2007: Truth and context – PRIN – Progetto di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale, Principal Investigator Prof. Diego Marconi (University of Turin).

2017: Habilitation as Associate Professor in Glottology and Linguistics: S.C. 10/G1

2017: Habilitation as Associate Professor in Philosophy of Language: S.C. 11/C4


(with Amoretti C., Frixione M., Lieto A.) AISC Midterm Conference, Levels of Cognition – 25-27 June 2018 – University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy) [link].

(with Bambini V.) Organizer 2nd XPRAG.IT Conference – 30-31 May, 1 June 2018 – IUSS, Pavia (Italy) [link].

(with Pistoia-Reda S., Bianchi V., Sauerland U.) Organizer Workshop on Scalar Implicatures: Formal and Experimental Exploration, 11-13 July 2018 – University of Siena, Siena (Italy) [link].

(with Bambini V.) Organizer XPRAG.IT_Behavioral and Neural Evidence on Pragmatic Processing – 10-11 June 2017 – DISFOR, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy) [link].

Organizer Theoretical and Experimental Approaches on presuppositions – 3-5 March 2017 – DISFOR, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy).

(with Pistoia-Reda S.) Organizer II Workshop at the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface: Implicatures and Presuppositions – 19-20 March 2015 – Faculty of Arts, University of Siena, Siena (Italy).

Member of the scientific commetee of AISC2013Conference of the Italian Society for Cognitive Sciences.

Member of the scientific committee for the series of seminars EPILOG 2011/2012/2013 – Department of Philosophy, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy).

Member of the scientific committee for the 3rd Workshop on Context 2010 – 11&12 June 2010 – Faculty of arts, Department of Philosophy, University of Genoa, Genoa (Italy).


Steering Committee of Italian Association of Cognitive Science

Editor of the section “Presuppositions” of Philpapers.org

XPRAG.de Network

What If – On the meaning, epistemology and scientific relevance of counterfactual claims and thought experiments.

S.I.F.A. Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy

E.S.A.P. European Society for Analytic Philosophy

E.S.P.P. Eureopean Society for Philosophy and Psychology

A.I.S.C Italian Society for Cognitive Science

Review Editor of Frontiers in Psychology.

Member of the editorial Board of Sistemi Intelligenti.

Referee for Cognition; Journal of Experimental Psychology; Journal of Pragmatics; Language and Cognition; Journal of Neurolinguistics; Teorema; Dialectica; Argumenta; Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Glossa.