by Filippo Domaneschi


Universität Konstanz
FB Sprachwissenschaft Raum H140
Fach D 181
D-78457 Konstanz


+49 7531 885213


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Currently, I am a researcher at the Department of Linguistics – University of Konstanz (Germany). I have studied at the University of Genoa (Italy) and at the University College London (UK). In the last years, I have been Lecturer at the University of Genoa and Visiting Lecturer at the Malmö University (Sweden). My research focuses mainly on formal and experimental semantics and pragmatics. My current research interests concern polar questions, presuppositions, implicatures, certainty/uncertainty markers, figurative language, dynamic semantics and the problem of the context dependence.

I have published papers on the Journal of Pragmatics, Language and Cognitive Processes and Pragmatics and Cognition. I am also author of the book Introduction to Pragmatics (eng. tr.; Carocci 2014), editor of Presuppositions: philosophy, linguistics and psychology (Topoi special issue, 2014) and co-editor of the anthology What is said and what is not (CSLI Stanford). I am currently writing a book on the cognitive processes involved in understanding presuppositions.

Besides the academic activity, I like jogging, watching football and I love wine and food. Once, I had the dream of becoming a rock star, then I became a linguist; however, I’m still pursuing my dream by playing trumpet and guitar in a rockabilly band.